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At Ground Breaking Bullies we specialize in producing some of the best American bullies in the world! We produce bullies with compact muscular frames, blocky heads, extreme muscle, high drive and excellent temperaments. We are located in Upstate, New York and have been breeding American bullies since 2005 and have learned the the process of producing top of the line bullies for your enjoyment. You know how the saying goes "quality isn't expensive it's priceless", well we have placed a reasonable price on the absolute top quality that this breed has to offer.

As blue nose pitbull breeders we prefer the blue coat color in our program although we have produced a variety of other colors. However, as breeders we value health, physical attributes and temperament over color.


Gottiline is our blood of choice but we have used others out-crosses such as Razors Edge to add muscle definition to our program. We have produced blue bullies for sale of all sizes including xxl, standard and pockets. Our program is currently centered around producing sound pocket blue nose pitbull puppies with breath-taking beauty.

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Our productions do the talking, so take a look around at our blue nose pitbull puppies for sale and if you see a puppy or stud that you are interested we'll be here for you.

United Kennel Club papers and a 2 year health  guarantee is included in all puppy sales. There are not many others who are willing to ensure the health of their productions.


Acceptable forms of payment are cash, credit cards, western union or money gram. When using our verified PayPal account you will be provided with an instant receipt. 

If you have any further questions about our beautiful blue bullies for sale feel free to contact us.

We offer shipping of all of our blue nose pitbull puppies for sale throughout the United States and Canada.

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  • Latest news

  • 10/November/16

  • We have 9 amazing blue and blue/fawn bully pitbull puppies available on our puppies page! Don't miss out on yours.

  • 14/July/16

  • Amazing new litter of male and female blue pitbull puppies for sale are posted on our puppies page!

  • 10/June/16

  • We have a beautiful new Gottiline  blue litter of males and females posted on our puppies page!!! 

  • 25/April/16

  • There is a new Gottiline litter posted on the puppies page. There are blue males and females available at this time, thank you.

  • 08/April/16

  • We have blue and white males and females available from our gottiline litter. There are new photos and videos posted on our puppies page as of today.

  • 23/February/16

  • There are 3 females available from our latest Gottiline litter! They are amazing. Videos and pictures are posted on our puppies page.

  • 22/November/15

  • There are brand new photos and video of our latest pocket bully pitbull puppy litter for sale on our puppies page. Reserve yours today!

  • 28/October/15

  • New litter!!! Kendricks latest litter of super compact bullies are posted on our puppies page! Our puppies sell extremely quickly so get yours today!

  • 12/October/15

  • There is a new litter of amazing blue pitbull puppies on our puppies page. First come first serve!

  • 9/September/15

  • There are some updated photos on our puppies page of some amazing bully males that we have for sale. They will go very quickly.

  • 3/August/15

  • There are new videos of all of our blue pitbull puppies for sale on our puppies page. Don't miss out on yours!

  • 13/July/15

  • There are a few beautiful blue and blue fawn blue pitbull puppies that are available on our puppies page. They sell very quickly, so don't miss out on yours.

  • 02/June/15

  • There is an updated video of our latest litter of Gottiline pocket blue pitbull puppies for sale on our puppies page. Don't miss out!!!

  • 25/May/15

  • There are 2 videos of our latest litter of extreme Gottiline blue pitbull puppies on our puppies page. Our puppies sell extremely quickly so don't miss out on this litter.

  • 22/May/15

  • If your puppy or dog has any problems with parvo or any other virus or bacterial infection we now sell Paxxin and Vibactra Plus which is an all natural treament with a very high success rate especially with parvo puppies. Check the link provided for more information on these amazing products.

  • 4/April/15

  • There is a new video of 3 beautiful blue pitbull puppies posted on our puppies page. They are some of the best Gottiline pocket bullies produced!

  • 3/April/15

  • There are now videos of all available blue pitbull puppies for sale on the puppies page. These pups are amazing and will not last long.

  • 16/March/15

  • Check out our puppies page for all new photographs of all of our blue pitbull puppies for sale, thank you.

  • 09/March/15

  • There are only 3 beautiful american bullies remaining at this time. There were 3 litters and they sold extremely quickly. None of the remaining bullies are the runt so you are not settling for whats left over. Visit our puppies page for photos and further details, thank you.

  • 28/February/15

  • All of our puppies are quickly finding their new homes and their are only a few available. Visit our puppies page and reserve yours before it's too late!

  • 19/February/15

  • hv-m1-2
  • As of today our puppies page has been updated. Check it out and see what puppies we have available for sale.

  • 16/February/15

  • Our Super stud Kendrick has done it again!!! He has produced an amazing litter of wide and compact Gottiline bully pockets! There are males and females available. Please visit our puppies page for photos, pedigrees and further details.

  • kendrick-m1