dora black ace romeo big buck bullies
WCG' Dora

Head Size: 23 inches
Reg: UKC Purple ribbon
Color: Blue Brindle/White 
Lines:100% Gottiline

Dora came to us from 276 gottiline and is an amazing addition to our program. This super pocket bullies pedigree consists of 5 x black ace, 2 x romeo, big buck and more. Dora is pointed in the ABKC showring and produces unlike any other. Not only are her looks and structure impressive she has an amazing temperment.
Nhallah Boogie

Head Size: 23 inches
Weight: 75 lbs
Reg: UKC(purple ribbon)
Color: Blue/white
Lines: 100% gottyline

Juanita Gotti is a beautiful and energetic bully who also so happens to be a direct juan gotti daughter. Juanita gotti is also grandsired by backyard boogie on her dams side. Juanita is an amazing producer who has produced a variety of extreme bullies including a breathtaking blue tri color male. Juanita has explosive energy for days and a very even temperment. Her ability to learn and please is unsurpassed. In juanitas last breeding she produced our upcoming bullie female superstar Nhallah Boogie.


Head Size:
Reg: ukc(purple ribbon)
Color: blue/white
Lines: Gotti/touch of razors edge

 Nhallah Boogie was produced here at bluefirepits when we paired ch. da boogieman x juanita gotti. Nhallah is by far the best in the litter although her littermates were all very impressive. Nhallah is a short and compact bullie with a blocky head, wide chest, short wide muzzle, correct fronts and a temperment that anyone would love. This super bullie has a very bright future in our program.

Super Nova

Head Size: 23 inches
Weight: 78 lbs
Reg: ukc(purple ribbon)
Color: blue fawn/white
Lines: Gotti, Mikelands & a touch of Razors edge.

Super Nova is a 6 x notorious juan gotti, black ace, monster jojola pocket super bullie that puts most males to shame. She is very evenly tempered and respects other animals and children. Her drive and beauty is unsurpassed. This is a perfectly put together bully style pitbull with a pedigree that speaks for itself.






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